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Bonding with your baby is an amazing human instinct that gives babies a sense of security, self-esteem and belonging. Our First Steps Baby Expo team likes to bond with the communities we are in, too! Here are some of the fun things we have coming up:


"Got My Mind On My Mommy and My Mommy On My Mind" Onesies with 104.7 KCLD!

We’ve teamed up with 104.7KCLD to create an all new, ultra-cool (ADORABLE) baby onesie! If you want one, be sure to listen to Kat and JJ in the Playhouse and/or attend the First Steps Baby Expo where we will be giving several away.

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Special Guest Andrea Allen

Andrea Allen is a mom, personal trainer, Instagram influence, featured on Good Morning America & People and owner of Deliciously Fit n’ Healthy. She has a major in public health education and has been a personal trainer for 9+ years. She went through fertility treatments, including invetro, and was blessed with twin girls.  She believes that moving brings mental strength and clarity along with physical toughness. Now she shares her healthy eating tips, recipes, and workout ideas for busy college students, moms, dads, full-time workers and everyone in between.


Does your body not feel like it did before having babies and you feel confused about how to feel like YOU again? Join Andrea on Saturday April 17th where she will talk about for the ultimate postpartum guide to regaining your core strength, post pregnancy. 


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Jaci Finneman

Special Guest Jaci Finneman

Jaci Finneman Founder of Hello World - No-Problem Parenting.

Jaci is passionate about helping parents become confident leaders for their kids, find happiness in their day-to-day routine and bring peace back into their homes. She started her career as a para-professional for children with developmental disabilities.  A few years later she was hired by Caritas, a non-profit agency that supports children with physical and emotional needs.  During her tenure, she became a Personal Care Attendant for a 10-year-old child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). Intrigued by the diagnosis, she studied and shadowed therapeutic parents and therapists who specialized in the disorder while working full time with the family for more than a year.  This experience set the foundation for Jaci’s career.  Jaci is a Parent Coach, Parenting Strategist and a Leader. For 20 years she was an In-Home Family Counselor and Program Coordinator at Greater Minnesota Family Services where she led a successful, value-driven team and launched multiple new children’s mental health programs. 

Jaci will be joining the First Steps Baby Expo to talk about Baby Behavior: 5 Ways to Calm your baby, Introducing your children to your new baby: 3 ways to help your child adjust to a new sibling and Toddler Time In - Nip those terrible two's in the bud. 


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